Biosensors 2018


The aim of the trip was the participation in 28th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors (Biosensors 2018) taking place in Miami, Florida, USA. The conference is organized every two years by Elsevier and it is the largest and prestigious event related to new achievements and applications in the field of biosensors.

During the event Marta Janczuk-Richter presented a poster entitled Label-free detection of viruses using long-period fiber grating immunosensors. Presented results met with great interest of other participants and became the basis for interesting discussions. Łukasz Richter presented poster entitled Layers of bacteriophages ordered in the electric field as a powerful tool for rapid and sensitive bacteria detection. Presented results were met with interest from a wide public and initiated a lot of fruitful discussions.

Lecture sessions gave the opportunity to get acquainted with research conducted in the best scientific institutions in the world. The topics discussed during presentations concerned practical applications of new biosensing solutions. A large part of the meeting was dedicated to recent advances in optical biosensors which are my main research interest. The conference was a chance to see the most interesting and various developments in the field of biosensors, as well as to meet scientists from foreign research centers, which in the future may become the basis for international cooperation.


Marta Janczuk-Richter

Łukasz Richter


Juny 10-17, 2018


Florida, USA



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