MEDmeetsTECH 2018


Łukasz Kornaszewski attended MEDmeetsTECH conference, which focused on bringing together Polish medical, financial, and technological professionals in order to help them understand their needs and learn about solutions offered by the others. The event started from doctors’ presentations describing the situation on the medical service market from the inside and predictions concerning expected growth in certain needs, namely senior care, rapid diagnostics, communication, and doctors’ training. Next came talks of certification bodies’ representatives and venture capitalists, which presented risks and mechanisms of startup creation. The event ended with presentations of both startups and well-established businesses describing their way to the currently held market position.

Łukasz has established new contacts, including a doctor from Warsaw Medical University, a co-owner of the investment group which specializes in supporting medical startups financially and in terms of the certification process, and a CEO of a PR agency working with the medical industry.

Łukasz also learned about existing mechanisms which support the growth of medical-technological startups and gained substantial knowledge from the area of health workers’ environment, including their needs, concerns, and predictions of “hot topics” in the nearest future, which definitely helps to aim research effort towards real life-relevant applications.


April 18, 2018


Warsaw, Poland



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Images - source : MEDmeetsTECH website

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.