Microsoft Build 2018


Dawid Borycki participated in the Microsoft Build 2018 conference. The aim of this visit was to learn about new software technologies used in Professor Wojtkowski lab. Dawid was particularly interested in the artificial intelligence for computer vision and the intelligent edge.

Professor Wojtkowski's team is currently exploring cloud-based AI-powered computer vision for semi-automatic classification of the functional images produced by optical modalities, assembled in their lab.

The intelligent edge is a technology that enables one to bring data processing capabilities (including advanced machine learning and stream analytics) from the cloud down to the local device in a form of the so-called container. This will further advance image processing because it will probably get rid of the need of transferring large datasets over the network. Simply, it will be able to do all the processing locally using the state-of-the convolutional neural networks (CNNs). As a result, it will give significantly reduced system latency and perhaps be able to analyze images in the real time.

In summary, participation in this conference gave the unique opportunity to sense the latest developments in software technologies, strongly related to their activities.


May 6-12, 2018


Seattle USA



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