OSA Frontiers in Optics


Piotr Węgrzyn, a member of the team of prof. Wojtkowski attended the conference OSA Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science which is an annual meeting of The Optical Society (OSA). Each year, this conference highlights the latest advances in optics and photonics ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine. During the conference, Piotr delivered an oral presentation “Shedding Light Onto Two Spatiotemporal Optical Coherence Manipulation (STOC) Implementations” as part of the session ‘Optical and Acoustic Label-free Imaging on Biological Tissues”. Apart from the scientific session the conference plan comprising numerous meetings on a variety of ongoing and future problems. He attended a working meeting of the Organising Committee of OSA Siegman International Summer School on Lasers that will be organized in Poland in 2020. By invitation, of the chair of the Public Policy Council, Piotr Węgrzyn participated also in the meeting of that council.


14 -20 Sep. 2019


Washington, DC, USA


Piotr Węgrzyn


OSA The Optical Society, APS physics

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