Polish Optical Conference 2017


Professor Maciej Wojtkowski participated in the Polish Optical Conference 2017 in Gniezno, with a plenary lecture entitled "Time-frequency modulation of light phases in imaging".

The Polish Optical Conference was organized by the Optics Division of the Polish Physical Society. The aim of this conference is to integrate the Polish opticians. Participation in Polish Optical Conference gave an opportunity to meet and exchange views with wide range of people, for whom the development of Polish scientific thought, engineering and teaching in the field of optics is important. This conference combined a high level of expertise with as wide range of subjects as possible to be representative for the entire Polish optics.

Lectures provided within the Polish Optical Conference covered the following topics: quantum optics; nonlinear optics; physics, optics and technology of lasers, and other sources of coherent radiation; optoelectronics and photonics; fiber optics; optical integrated circuits; medical optics; instrumental optics; optical spectroscopy; optical metrology and applications of optics.


July 3, 2017


Gniezno, Poland


Optics Division of the Polish Physical Society

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