The 7. International Conference on Speckle Metrology – SPECKLE2018


The goal of the Speckle2018 conference was to discuss and exchange ideas between scientists, engineers, and students dealing with speckle metrology and related techniques. This three-day conference consisted of high-level presentations from scientist from across Europe, America, and Asia, was an excellent platform and opportunity to interact with various optics specialist and have discussions. This conference was mostly focused on the latest innovations and challenges facing in speckle metrology and related techniques in particular: fringe pattern analysis and phase retrieval, data retrieval in speckle metrology, digital speckle pattern interferometry, digital holography, and holographic interferometry, computational imaging, optical diffraction tomography, speckle pattern photography and digital image correlation, 3D/4D imaging and measurement, biomedical applications, Micro- and Nano-metrology, speckle as a tool in security techniques. Most of the talks were really close to the work of the team of prof. Wojtkowski, for example, an interesting application of holography was shown by prof. Pietro Ferraro, who was able to image single cells in microchannels with high resolution. A lot of attention was also paid to different properties of speckles – both how to use them or how to eliminate them.

Prof. Maciej Wojtkowski gave a talk entitled Spatio-Temporal Optical Coherence techniques for in vivo tissue imaging.

Mounika Rapolu presented a poster on Enhanced Image processing of OCT data for Global Ischemia and Glioblastoma.

Michał Hamkało has presented a poster titled Imaging through turbid media with speckle illumination optical coherence tomography. His presentation met with a good attitude of other scientists and a lot of good conversations by the poster. The presentation was also appreciated by the scientific committee of the conference and awarded the best poster presentation award.


Sept. 9-12, 2018


Janów Podlaski, Poland


Maciej Wojtkowski

Michał Hamkało

Mounika Rapolu


Photonics Society of Poland,

The International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)

Warsaw University of Technology,

Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.