Lab visit at University of Geneva


Idaresit Mbakara visited the Physical Chemistry Department at the University of Geneva in order to deepen knowledge and great interest in ultrafast spectroscopic processes because these processes investigate dynamics of excited states in ultra-short time scales. In Prof. Eric Vauthey's group, Idaresit has had the opportunity to use ultrafast spectroscopic techniques (transient absorption, fluorescence upconversion, photon echo, and transient second - harmonic generation, among others) with a time resolution from a few femtoseconds to several nanoseconds to study the mechanism of vibrational relaxation in the excited states, dynamics of ion pairs and photo-induced electron transfer processes. During her visit to this laboratory, Idaresit performed femtosecond transient absorption measurements to investigate the excited state dynamics of some derivatives of porphycenes. This in general involves the mechanism of radiative and non-radiative relaxation in electronically excited states of these molecules. By extension, she was able to determine the photophysical properties of these sets of porphycenes. The research work of Idaresit revolves around understanding the mechanism of relaxation in the electronically excited states of these porphycenes, determine the mechanism of tautomerism as well as characterizing the photostability of these porphycenes.


Idaresit Mbakara


Sep.1 – Dec. 2, 2019


Physical Chemistry Department at University of Geneva, Switzerland

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.