Visit to the Quantum and Molecular Photonics Laboratory (LPQM)


Yu-Kai Lai, PhD student went to Clément Lafargue’s group, which is under the structure of The Quantum and Molecular Photonics Laboratory (LPQM). His work oscillates around the optical systems with plays an important role in modern research fields such as biology, chemistry physics. The optical system provides fast, non-invaded, and reliable analysis which is beneficial for most experimental setup.

Few directions in LPQM are Ultrafast Plasmonics in Metallic Nanoparticles, Photo-induced Heat Transfers on Small Time and Space Scales, Heat Nanosources for Chemistry and Biology, and Light-heat Nanoconversion: Photonic Applications. To begin with, Yu-Kai Lai with scientists from LPQM decided to practice optical trap for micro/nanoparticles for two reasons: firstly the setup is partly ready and is easy to add new optical elements for further analysis. Secondly, because the optical trap has an extraordinary ability for operating micro/nanoparticles, which is commonly used in microfluidic systems, it is worth learning for further possible integration.

During the period of stay, Yu-Kai Lai managed to achieve optical trapping of gold nanoparticles and living algae cells.  For gold nanoparticles, the second harmonic generation is observed and recorded. Furthermore, some modifications have been made on the light path and added up spatial light modulator and quarter-wave plate in advance to the detector for capturing signal for the orientation of the nanoparticles.


Yu-Kai Lai


8 Jun. – 21 Jul., 2019


Paris, France

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.