Study visit to the University of Western Australia


The main goal of the reported trip was a study visit to the Optical Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at the University of Western Australia. Karol Karnowski met there with prof. Barry Cense (local group supervisor) and attended OBEL group meetings. He worked in the lab with Ph.D. candidate Qingyun Li taking measurements with an ultra-high-resolution polarization-sensitive OCT system. Karol worked with Micheal Hackman on optical fiber probe fabrication as well as on the upper airway OCT imaging system (it was the prepared system for measurements on healthy volunteers). With Dr. Peijun Gong they had discussed possibilities of using polarization-sensitive OCT for enhancement of angiography and lymphangiography maps.

Part of the time Karol Karnowski devoted to finalizing the Matlab processing of data previously acquired in the dental clinic with prof. Camile Farah and to report on results of PS-OCT measurements of treatment of burn-induced pig skin scars. He also had a chance to meet and enhance collaboration with colleagues from Dresden University, who were also visiting the OBEL group at that time. Part of the discussions was focused on the dental imaging probe that they developed together.


Karol Karnowski


Mar. 12-27, 2019


Perth, Australia


Karol Karnowski

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.