CREATE among most recent success stories on DG Research portal


We are very happy to announce that first results of the CREATE project were acknowledged by the European Commission as promising and described among the most recent success stories on DG Research portal.

"Keeping a closer eye on non-invasive microscopic bio-imaging" explains IPC approach to the ERA Chair project based on two pillars: excellent research and new research management policy.

IPC driven by Maciej Wojtkowski, the ERA Chair holder, managed to extend own research agenda by a new field where physical chemistry meets biological systems. However, it is not interdisciplinary approach that rocketed our research excellence but rather – reorientation towards socially-urgent issues like age-related eye diseases. “The POB group is developing a new optical-imaging method bringing researchers closer to non-invasive microscopic imaging of cells embedded in the tissues of living organisms. By smart use of the amplitude and ‘phase of light, combined with advanced computational techniques, it is possible to create volumetric reconstructions of living tissue within a fraction of a second”. This practical approach to the research will be enhanced in the upcoming years due to obtaining by prof. Wojtkowski a new grant funding of EUR 11 m. (IRAP from the Foundation for Polish Science) aimed at setting of the International Center for Translational Eye Research (ICTER) in Warsaw, Poland.

Taken actions also allowed to introduce a new system of managing research groups, based on grant funding. It enables a reduction of the teaching and organisational obligations of group members allowing them to focus more fully on research. “Another important innovation is the introduction of a professional group coordinator to facilitate interaction between researchers and the administration”.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.