The 23rd Science Picnic - “We and the machines”

9th May 2019 the Institute  took part in the 23th Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and Copernicus Science Centre. The  Picnic is Europe’s largest outdoor event aimed to promote science. Every year, it attracts crowds of visitors to Warsaw [50 000 visitors according to Organizers].

More than 200 scientific institutions, including universities, research institutes, museums, cultural institutions, and foundations related to science and science clubs present their achievements and reveal the behind-the-scenes aspects of their everyday work. They comprehensibly present science to audiences of various ages, with the aid of experiments, demonstrations and interactive exhibits.  The theme of the 23nd Science Picnic was “We and the machines”.

The Institute presented several experiments, two of them inspired by POB activities. We presented an optical table, so anyone who wish can design their own optical system. This was also used to present such phenomena as refraction and total internal reflection, and explain how the optical fiber works.

We presented also   Newton's and Benham's disk – the simple and spectacular show that attracts both young and older viewers - as related to both optic and machines and  demonstrations related to mechanochemistry, Raman spectroscopy and new materials. As the Picnic is usually visited by the audiences of all ages our stand was intended for both children and adults representing different levels of chemical knowledge. The evaluation conducted by the organizers during the Picnic find our stand as interesting and well-organized.

More information about the event.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.