WP2 - Building potential of the new Department

T.2.1 ERA Chair holder's decision on the Dept. composition and equipping

The ERA Chair holder will be free to choose his/her Dept. composition and specify requirements towards his/her employees. In the project budget employment of up to 6 persons was assumed – postdocs and PhD students. ERA Chair holder will also decide on new lab equipment, taking benefit of administrative support and ELAD database.

T.2.2 Candidates’ selection

The ads will consist of information on:

  • person responsible for the project, affiliation of the project and short description of the project,
  • possibility of fellowship in other leading EU universities or institutes – refers to PhD students,
  • benefits,
  • required qualifications of candidates,
  • contact person for employment.

The ads will be published on:

  • international web portals displaying job opportunities for Ph.D. students, e.g. http://www.euraxess.eu, http://www.studentserwis.eu, http://www.eurosciencejobs.com, Polish recruitment portal: http://www.pracuj.pl,
  • IPC webpage,
  • IPC information boards,
  • information boards and in an electronic version to deans' offices of the biology, chemistry, biology departments of the Polish universities and the Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The research fields will be coherent with research programme of the Department, set by the ERA Chair holder.

T.2.3 Supplementation of research infrastructure of new Dept.

The aim of this task is to secure necessary infrastructure for a new interdisciplinary department of physical chemistry of biological systems, led by ERA Chair holder. Moreover, start-up money for the new lab is a must in order to obtain excellent scientist with worldwide reputation in the field (ERA Chair holder). New laboratory should at least dispose of equipment which enables development and maintenance of tissue culture, bacteria culture and molecular biology.

T.2.4 Trainings and secondments

Taking into account professional record and profile of employed persons, ERA Chair holder will be free to select trainings, conferences and seminars for his/her team to supplement and spread their knowledge and experience. Additionally ERA Chair holder will select young distinctive PhD to go for secondments (up to 4 months per person) to prominent biological or interdisciplinary (biology – chemistry/physics) labs – from his/her Dept. or other IPC Dept. As an outcome we expect a formation of at least one new group related with quantitative chemical biology.







This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.