WP6 - Promotion & dissemination

T.6.1 Electronic promotion of the project

  1. Website: The Project Web-portal will contain all the necessary information related to the implementation of the project. It will provide materials from events organized by the Institute, delivered lectures as well as photos from these events and multimedia presentations.
  2. Social network channels: Facebook and Youtube releases will be included into this task.

T.6.2 Traditional promotion of the project

  1. Promotional materials and publications
  2. Participation in fairs, informational, brokerage events and international conferences

T.6.3 Promotion of visibility & excellence

Activities will concentrate on promotion of the new Dept. and new IPC smart specialization, i.e.:

  1. Organization of local events: Open Day in IPC (the Institute and newly equipped laboratories will be opened for general public, students in particular; short lectures, shows and laboratory demonstrations will be given).
  2. Scientific CHAIRS: short, 5 to 10 minutes interview with scientists that are part of the CHAIRS research group, as well as their co-workers, that will be put on web-portals such as YouTube, Facebook and the project website. After the project is completed, the interviews will be combined into one film presenting the scientific potential on the CHAIRS research group, which will be disseminated on DVD.
  3. Popular science lectures presenting the area of works and scientific achievements of the CHAIRS research group as well as its co-workers, that will show its scientific and business potential. The lectures will be directed to students, politicians, company representatives and local authorities representatives.
  4. Press notes and information releases: Polish and English, to increase visibility of the Institute.





Milestone MS8

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.