WP5 - Industry migration

T.5.1 Establishing Knowledge Transfer Zone

  1. Establishing interdisciplinary conference entitled “Where biology meets physical chemistry and business”. We will be hosting scientists, enterprises and policy-makers. The Institute may ensure presence of the representatives from majority of research entities dealing with chemistry in Mazovia Voivodeship. The measure is aimed at gathering knowledge on currently applied scientific discoveries and know-how. The exchange of knowledge and experience will be realized by lectures, discussions and exhibitions. The event will create opportunities to better exploit research results and acquire technological know-how by connecting research, innovation and business.
  2. Extension of business liaisons: We plan to organize a set of lectures - CREATE lectures ”Innovation source”, to be delivered by industry representatives, preferably from companies conducting own R&D or open to science. The measure is aimed at update of scientists’ knowledge of current technological trends and innovation in chemistry-related sectors. Events will be opened for PhD students. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for us to establish relations and cooperation with industry, which will serve future grants proposals supplementing ERA Chairs grant and increase of private spending on R&D (priority challenge in Poland). Exemplary, we would like to host guests from e.g. DuPont, Eris Laboratories, Bioton, BASF, Polpharma and others.
    Moreover, to extend our business liaisons we plan to hold a set of business meetings with chemistry-related companies.

T.5.2 Open-access electronic database – Inventions & Researchers (ELAD+)

To meet expectations of our business partners (esp. financial investors) we plan to expand with own resources ELAD database by register of patent applications and obtained patents, as well as IPC fields of expertise. ELAD+ would offer access to:

  • IPC specialties: main IPC research fields (incl. biological chemistry, medical diagnostics, nanotechnology, environmental protection) – dedicated to enterprises, institutions, authorities;
  • inventions: research results secured by industrial protection rights (patents but also utility designs and unpatented knowledge) – dedicated to enterprises, institutions, authorities & investors.

Moreover ELAD+ will:

  • support integration of IPC community with stakeholders,
  • reinforce establishment of collaboration with key research entities and business partners,
  • support process of technology commercialization and projects results dissemination.





This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.