WP1 - Recruitment of ERA Chair holder

T.1.1 Transparent recruitment proceedings

  1. Release of the job vacancy advertisement
    The ad will be published on:
    • international webpage with job offers for researchers, e.g., http://www.euraxess.eu, http://www.eurosciencejobs.com
    • information boards in depts. of interdisciplinary studies in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering departments of the Universities selected by Recruitment Committee, IPC webpage,
    • information about the competition will also be sent to top scientists in the world working in the interdisciplinary field of biology combined with chemistry, physics or engineering.
  2. CVs collection and pre-evaluation
    Applications including a detailed CV, brief description of current research program, accomplishments, representative publications, and the names of three references will be sent directly to the Director of the Institute. Then reviews of applications will be made till M3. As a result, a short list of 3-5 candidates will be prepared and chosen candidates notified. The pre-evaluation will be made by project’s Recruitment Committee consist of ERC Ideas grant holders.
  3. Interviews and candidates' selection
    In the next stage of recruitment procedure, 3 – 5 candidates will be invited to the Institute to present a seminar with a session of questions in front of the Recruitment Committee and other PIs from the Institute.
    As a result, the ranking list will be made.
  4. Negotiations and preparation of job contract
    In the next stage of recruitment process, the first candidate from the ranking will be invited to negotiations. Negotiations will be carried on by the Board of Directors of IPC, Project Coordinator and HR unit representative.

T.1.2 Preparation of the Reports for ERA Chair holder’s approval

Project-Support-Office will produce final report of selection ERA Chair holder.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 666295.